Google maps test

This is a test of Google Maps embed.

That was the embed. Did it work?

Test of Chrome Highlighter

This is a test of a bunch of links for the chrome extension.

These Are DoFollow – Should Be Green

A regular Wayfair link: Regular Dofollow Link

A regular Birch link: Regular Birch Link

A https link: HTTPS link

An H tag link:


A span link: This is a link

A div link:

This is also a linkerooni

A P link:

Why would you link this way!?

Image link:

These are Proper Nofollow – Should be Yellow

A regular Nofollow Wayfair link: Regular Nofollow Link

A Joss nofollow link: Joss secure nofollow

A nofollow with no quotes: No quotes on nofollow

A nofollow with double nofollows: Double nofollow miscoded

Using external nofollow: External Nofollow

These are improper nofollow – Should be Green

A miscoded nofollow with smartquotes: Smartquotes miscoded

A miscoded nofollow with url: Bad url encoding of nofollow

Test Post bad title

This is a test of a script (one line down): asdf

And that was the test. It appeared on the line one up from this one. Whee


This is text. I’m writing text with electronic magic!



Optional Text


This post is a test of the product preview tool. We’re going to see how it works in a variety of situations — this means linking a variety of different products from different categories, linking them in different ways, and viewing it on different browsers.

Quick test looking for a good sample link.

A List!

We’ll start with a basic list of product links:

An image link

And Here is a link to the image URL.

Moar Links!

Now we shall link to a daily sale sku (this is the Marianne 2 Drawer Nightstand in Black on sale for 226). And we can also toss in a clearance sku (baseball glove that is on clearance for 17.53). Finally we have a headboard on sale via the sales filter (and this “sale” is for a ridiculous 761 — yikes!)

And this link is to a inspiration gallery photo and thus should have no pop-up.

For some more fun and funky links that should word, we have a bedroom set kit and some kind of bamboo flooring sku converted into a really long anchor text links for no particular reason other than to check it out.