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This post is a test of the product preview tool. We’re going to see how it works in a variety of situations — this means linking a variety of different products from different categories, linking them in different ways, and viewing it on different browsers.

Quick test looking for a good sample link.

A List!

We’ll start with a basic list of product links:

An image link

And Here is a link to the image URL.

Moar Links!

Now we shall link to a daily sale sku (this is the Marianne 2 Drawer Nightstand in Black on sale for 226). And we can also toss in a clearance sku (baseball glove that is on clearance for 17.53). Finally we have a headboard on sale via the sales filter (and this “sale” is for a ridiculous 761 — yikes!)

And this link is to a inspiration gallery photo and thus should have no pop-up.

For some more fun and funky links that should word, we have a bedroom set kit and some kind of bamboo flooring sku converted into a really long anchor text links for no particular reason other than to check it out.


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